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Zinc + Oil/redness/marks reduction - a timescale

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I apologise if this has been discussed before. I tend to visit acne.org in phases.

Im about to embark on my first Zinc supplement over the next week, after seeing its incredible popularity and great success rate in largely reducing people's' acne severity or removing all together. I'm going for Chelated Zinc Gluconate in the form of 50mg a day (highly successful after Ive come to research). Now I have a very mild form of acne right about now (the after effect of 3-4 years of several large spots and inflamed areas) - which is now about 30% visible (yet still unpredictable as it becomes inflamed one week, and is clear the next).

My questions are, would using this form of Zinc, alongside the decent and precautious diet and cleansing regime I already have - actively reduce oil production and redness? Also, after how long can one expect to see significant results.

I should point out that I represent the majority who have largely cleared up their acne from previous years, and reside in that last phase where the best possible treatment would eliminate it and regulate hormones greatly.

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Everyone is different.

If you're deficient in a nutrient then it could be causing your problem.

I'd say go see a nutritionist or just start taking zinc daily and see if you improve over the next 2 months.

If not then move on to the next thing :surprised:

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