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Natural Antibacterials and Probiotics?

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What effect do natural antibacterials or antimicrobials have on your intestinal bacteria? Things like honey or cinnamon or ginger I hear they are anti bacterial naturals and I was wondering if it effects your bacteria in your gut. Since they kill bacteria like anti-biotics why wouldnt they kill the good bacteria and make you unhealthy?

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Read this article about Garlic:


Seems it does kill good bacteria as well as bad. As for all of the other natural antimicrobials, I'm unsure. Regardless, I think they are still a very important part of your diet as long as you have a good source of probiotic intake to make up for what's lost. Just make sure not to take them both at the same time.

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Funny stuff, i never would have thought there were people giving garlic and probiotics to pigeons. Maybe that Mike Tyson program might be more interesting than i thought it would be.

I am thick and the words aren't going into my head so can someone explain to me how the alkaloids of garlic strengthen the immune system? I understand they may protect the system from pathogenic bacteria but why does this strengthen it?

Whenever i have taken Natural Antibacterials or probiotics they have made me worse.

I tried olive leaf and oregano oil and some other things but they made me worse. Only thing i can think of is that maybe some kind of "die off" was affecting me, but i don't know how long this would last for and even if such a mechanism exists.

Probitotics always break me out.

I have been drinking vinegar recently which i presume is Antibacterial and for the last few days i am getting the larger red, inflamed type spots i got with the Natural Antibacterials and i get with probiotics.

I pretty sure something is going on just wish i knew what.

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