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Microdermabrasion for large pores?? Help??

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Hi guys,

I don't know if this classes as "scar treatments", but I have GIANT pores ALL OVER my face. I've seen heaps of posts on here about people who have giant pores on thier noses, mine are huge all over my cheeks and nose and chin :(

I've been thinking about getting microdermabrasion to see if it will reduce them a little, and I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with it? I don't know if my pores are scarred or just constantly enlarged due to oil/whatever. I do have very oily skin, I can't wear make up to cover my pores because it just goes all patchy and weird on my skin, I think it's because they are so large they just soak it up or something? They're not very deep like scars, but just very wide and obvious. I occasionally get blackheads or sebum build up in them too.

So has anyone had microdermabrasion to reduce their pores? Did it work? I want to know what kind of result to expect. Or does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of procedure would help? I've tried every kind of "pore minimizing" lotion, foundation, facewash, toner...everything! I will post some pictures if anyone wants to help :)

Thanks guys!

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I just got my first microdermabrasion treatment on Tuesday to hopefully minimize my enlarged pores and light scarring, but she used a really low level to start so it wasn't as effective. It made my skin feel much smoother and took out the blackheads, but I noticed that the blackheads were back just a few hours later. I'm not sure if that usually happens... but I'm hoping they stay away longer with a higher level. I'm getting 6 treatments done, once ever two weeks. I'll let you know how it goes!

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