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I recently started to breakout on my arm (upper and lower). It looks horrible :(

Its ruining my life, I'm so embarrassed to meet my friends and my self confidence drops down the hole..

My face is clear tho. My chest and back has 4-5 small zits which doesn't bother me much since I'm wearing clothes when I go out anyways. But I have dozens of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples on my whole arm. And wearing long sleeve clothing to hide it looks stupid in a humid country like where I'm staying.

Seems I'm the only one having this problem? I've never met anyone who has acne on the arm @@

I talked about it with my family members and they don't seem to understand my agony.

I was prescribed some antibiotics (doxycycline and cefadroxil) but it doesn't seem to help after 2 months.

Anyone have whole arm acne before?

Does Dan's body regimen with the 10% AHA works?


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i dont got it bad but its noticeable and embarrassing.. i got it on my arms back, chest and bit on face.

i wear jumpers now cause of it even in summer people think im crazy lol

i feel your pain :(

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Hang in there, you are not alone. I get arm acne, it isn't severe but I understand. I wear sweaters in the summer for this reason. One time I waxed my arms a week before my sisters wedding and my whole lower arm had probably 50 or more raised inflamed acne bumps. And I couldnt wear a sweater it was awful. I recently started Dans regimen (2 mnonths ago) I love it. It is the only thing that has ever worked for me (28 female, acne since 12 yrs old). My face gets dry and I break out still but it is progresively getting so much better. I really recommend that everyone try this for 4 months straight to see the full results, as I had 2 breakouts during the treatment so far ( this is so much better than it used to be still) Hope this helps!


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