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Dark spots

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Hey guys, my face started to get a whole bunch of acne about 6 months ago.

Then 3 months later it started to go away, but now I'm still trying to get rid of these dark spots.


My face is mostly smooth with an occasional bump, but my main goal is to try and make these spots go away or fade so they're unnoticeable.

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Well the picture is blurry, but if they're flat and red then they're PIH. It stands for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and there's a whole section for it if you scroll down the forums!

Red marks can last days, weeks, or even months depending on the individual. Years ago I had some last over a year due to products that I didn't know were badly effecting me, namely benzoyl peroxide.

Using repairing and exfoliation products are what help.Vitamin C or retinol for repairing, for example.

There's a lot to choose from when it comes to peels. You have daily exfoliation,weekly exfoliation,and then you can go into a skincare clinic every month or so to get peels that leave you pink for hours! Some types of acids are glycolic,malic, and lactic.

A daily topical "toner" that's popular is apple cider vinegar. You just mix it 50/50 with some water and use it just like you would a toner.

If you want a weekly exfoliating mask I like Mychelle's pumpkin enzyme mask.

Sunscreen is a must too! Some people have experienced their red spots lasting longer due to sun exposure, and it's a good habit to get into anyways. Especially for people who use peels.

Be patient, these things can last a while. Unless you spend a pretty penny on lasers or a deep peel, don't expect an overnight miracle!

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