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Purging or breaking out?? Fruit Acid Peels

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How can you tell if you're purging from a new regimen/treatment or just plain breaking out from a new product?

I've started having fruit acid peels to try and improve the appearance and texture of my skin, particularly to try and correct the clogged pores around my chin and cheeks. Had my first one 3 days ago and have since experienced a definite increase in the number of pustules.

Because my skin was quite dry after the peel I used a new more intensive moisturiser (aveeno calming) so I'm wondering how to tell if the pustules have been caused by the purging effect of the peel or by a too rich moisturiser? I really do need the added moisturisation to combat the dryness.

Does anyone know of a good intensive but non-comedogenic moisturiser?

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I just don't know if I buy into the whole "purging" thing. The Murad acne complex claimed you had to go through a purging stage for it to work - turns out there was no end to this purging for myself and friends of mine - bottom line: it seems to me purging is a ploy and excuse to get you to continue buying a useless product.

& if you have acne try not to put a moisturizer like that on your face, try something that won't irritate your skin like Cetaphil (Most people on these boards swear buy this brand); Neutrogina makes a good one too. Real purging, especially from an exfoliate like that seems to more so extract black heads, impurities, and bring whiteheads to the surface - Definitely not create pastules. So it seems more likely to me that the lotion irritated your skin, or the fruit acid is flat out causing irritation - sorry I wish I knew more about the specific treatment to help.


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