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help need advice about my skin?(pics included)

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Hi Everyone,

I am a 21 year old female have had acne for about 9 years it started when Iwas 12 nothing to bad.

I was in Doxycline about 2 years ago it cleared my skin up well I came of it was free of acne than it came back... its been worst in the last couple of months I have been to the derm he told me to go back on doxy and perscribed differin cream also told me about Accutane the only reason I can't go on it is due to other health conditions otherwise I would try it.

I have tried birth control before and it did seem to help but my body did not handle it well and I had to come off it because of mirgaines and strong family history of strokes so its not really a option for me either.

I don't know what to do about my skin anymore I eat right am currently on doxy once a day and use a mild facial cleanser plus Differin at night I have tried all the over counter stuff. I have some mild scarring because I picked at my skin under the age of 18 so that is totally my fault acne also runs in my family and I have the mildest case of it out everyone in my fam.

any advice? I know it looks bad... :rolleyes:

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advice: the acne on your chin, is so similar in location and appearance to the hormonal acne so many women tend to get - that may be something to look into/consider. And specifically what cleanser are you using? Also I know the body shop has a really good tee tea oil concealer that heals blemishes very good while covering (your fair skinned and I know my friend bought a very light shade for herself) - If i was a chick I would definitely take advantage of that

otherwise all I can really offer is my own regime which could or could not be right for you.

and I just stay away from oral acne treatments, They tend to have more horror stories associated with them than success.

&: it doesn't look THAT bad, you look beautiful and It looks like you've managed your acne well enough to avoid bad scars, and any long term effects.

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