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In two weeks its the end of my course and ive had very little improvement. My course is 4 months long at 70mg daily, my weight is 77 kg and my acne is moderate/ severe, ive experienced all the side effects and had really dry skin especially. My skin was also oily before accutane but now the oil has stopped completely.

I used to have fresh spots every day but now theyve really slowed down, but the old spots arent fading, i think its worked in some places like my t-zone but not on my cheeks, i have loads of really hard ones under the skin, especially my jaw that arent surfacing, some ive had for almost a year. I dont think i have the scarring type of acne (hopefully) my skin doesnt look or feel bumpy, just very blotchy i dont think its rosacea, i think it might be hyperpigmentation or is it just red marks from old spots? the best way to describe it is the redness around a spot without the spot. Will these fade or is it just another form of acne?

Ive tried taking pictures but it wont come up on the photo in the way they look in the mirror,

what should i do, its really depressing to have gone through hell the last 4 months for what seems like nothing :(

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same. im almost at 6 month mark and NOTHING. im depressed too cuz my derm keeps saying this WILL work and my derm said hes never had a patient not get cleared from accutane.

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