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Hi guys so this is my acne regimen. I've been using this regimen for a couple of months now to seriously clear up my face because I was just getting sick of having either spots or blackheads to constantly worry about and this regimen is the first that has actually worked for me. It might seem a bit lengthy but i tried my best :)


Green Tea- Any green tea is fine but i prefer twinings because it is a very well known brand (at least in the uk) and is typically the best you can get. I try to drink 3-4 cups each day because this is apparently the best amount. Green tea has a tonne of antioxidants andd is great for detoxing your body of basically - crap. It doesn't taste amazing but if you do persevere with it, the taste will not bother you and it does give you a lot more energy and motivation. One last thing don't drink the green tea with milk or after you've had anything dairy such as yoghurt, custard etc... because milk basically ruins the benefits of the tea.

Witch Facial Scrub - This is in my opinion, the best scrub I have ever used. It is not creamy and is clearly gel based so it does not clog pores and has very small beads in it which really help to get rid of oils/dead skin. The ingredients are very mild as well so it will not irritate your skin at all and is great for sensitive skin. Remember not to absoloutely obliterate your face with scrubbing - be gentle and circular, if you scrub too hard it will aggrivate your skin. I use this every day after the foam wash.

Witch Foam Wash - I love this so much. Because my skin is fairly greasy when i wake up each morning I like to think of that as being the first priority to deal with because excess grease is an all round bad thing for skin because it clogs pores, causes blackheads and can promote acne. This is an incredibly light foam which you just wash your face with - all it does is get rid of excess oil, remember and use this before the scrub because it helps make sure your pores are fully exposed and ready to be cleared.

Bio Oil - Right. This product has a lot of mixed reviews but here is my opinion. It's pretty damn good stuff. This has completely replaced my old moisturiser (e45) for quite a few reasons. Some of these reasons being, it is non-comodogenic meaning it won't clog pores, your skin will absorb it quite quickly if you just keep massaging it in or unless you put on too much, it doesnt have any excess crap in it - it's just the oil. Now I use this two times each day - the first being after i have cleared my face with the scrub and foam wash because this will leave your skin feeling dry and bio oil fits the bill for this perfectly and the second time being at around dinner time (rinse your face with water before doing so just to freshen your face up). Now it might not have amazing results for scars etc for some people but i can guarantee it will reduce skins redness which is a big plus for me and help even out your skin tone. Now i use 4 drops each use so 8 drops a day and i am barely 1cm down from the cap and i've been using this stuff for a good 3 weeks. This is the 200ml. So i can tell you now - it will last.

Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% Gel - This has to be the wonder product. I kid you not. You can buy this at www.danielkern.com or by clicking . Now, I've used a fair few bp creams before and i've tried all the concentrations but compared to the results i've had from this gel then they are basically blown out of the water. Don't think that getting 10% BP would work better - 2.5% has been clinically proven to work just as well and without being so abrasive to skin (woo). Now i warn you - when you start off using this you MUST only use a pea size drop once a day for your whole face and gradually increase the amount over the weeks. I made the mistake of just putting a bit too much on and woke up the next day to a nice case of redface - NOT GOOD. If this happens to you, don't worry - you just made a mistake, just dont keep using it if your skin becomes really irritated, itchy etc and you are only using a very small amount. Even though it is said to use twice a day after you have worked up the immunity to it - i still prefer just using it once. I use this just before bed. The results have been amazing, honestly, this has practically cancelled out my acne and has helped get rid of my blackheads.

Cod Liver Oil Capsules & Vitamin C Tablets - These are pretty amazing. I take 4 cod liver oil capsules which have a lot of vitamin A and vitamin D - very good for skin. I also take 3 tablets of vitamin c which dissolve in water to make a kind of drink - vitamin c also helps with skin but it also helps generally maintain a healthy system and is a must have for people on the go like me that just can't fit in eating 5 pieces of fruit and veg each and every single day as well as eating 2 fish.

Now those are the biggies of my regimen but I have also looked into acne enough to know that spots only go so far when it comes to your skin - then it comes into diet. If your diet sucks then this could probably be why you might have bad acne but i can tell you for sure - it will not help one bit. So try and drink more water (1-2 litres a day) and cut back on the junk food.

Now i've been following this regimen for a good 3 weeks now very strictly and the results have been amazing. The gentleness of the scrub and foam wash give all the benefits without causing any damage or irritation to skin and the bio oil used in conjunction with the BP has meant my face practically has no redness whatsoever from the BP and has really evened out my skin tone. I went from having a good 2-3 new spots every day to literally nothing, it just stopped. But I can't stress enough how important the vitamins are as well and how much diet affects acne so remember - this and any other regimen will only get you so far before you have to start swapping the chocolate for the carrot - and i don't mean carrot cake haha.

Well anyway - i hope this might help a few people out but it really has helped me :)

Thanks for reading.

Edited by Lewis.

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