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hi im new to the boards. one of my friends parents was telling me when she was younger and had pretty bad acne, she bought a bottle of vitamin e and vitamin a&d liquid capsules. She said she alternated everyday breaking open the capsules and spreading it on her face and then used tea tree oil on the active pimples. She said it helped a lot but this is only case ive heard when using this. Anyone know anything about this?

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dont put any of these bullshit creams on your face! you think your skin really needs all these so called "vitamins"? all these things do is clog up your pores even more causing irritation which leads to more pimples. its a never ending cycle if you apply ANYTHING to your face. go the natural way. do nothing!

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wow! first of all, ignore that guy ^^^

I have had some success with tea trea oil. when I first started using it it brought everything to the surface so I broke out within about 3 days, but after that it definitely cleared up some.

applying Vitamin A might be similar to applying retinA or differin. I haven't tried it myself. I've heard that vitamin C is good and I know there are many facial creams you can buy that have vitamin C.

Instead of breaking open capsules, I would recomend buying something that is meant to be topical. you can buy tea trea oil and Vitamin E oil in liquid form. I haven't seen A or C in that form but they are part of facial products aimed at reducing wrinkles.

I wouldn't suggest putting all that on your face at once, maybe just try them one at a time and see how your face reacts.

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