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BP and redness...

when I use BP gel (even if it's just once a day) my skin gets an embarassing reddish tint to it, it almost looks exactly like i have makeup on!! do other people experience this? I've recently only been using BP like every other day because it's way too embarassing.

the reason I ask is I noticed that even though dan uses TONS and TONS of BP, his skin tone is even and normal, how the hell is this possible? he uses sooo much I can't believe his skin isn't affected by it...

BTW I use 2.5% proactiv BP.


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Ensure that you are rubbing it in completely to avoid "patches" of redness.

Also, it probably depends on your skin tone as well. I'm rather pale and notice the redness a lot.

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When I first started the regimen, I used Neutrogena On-the-spot BP. Even though it was effective at getting rid of pimples, it made my skin really red as well. Then Dan came out with his BP gel, and I've never had a problem with redness since. Maybe the Proactiv BP is similar to the Neutrogena BP in that it's more of a cream than a gel. The gel works really well. Also like mrc15 said, make sure you're moisturizing. It's important to soothe your face after applying BP.

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Hello. I am using an acne lamp that I bought from http://www.kaliszincolor.com/index.html. I am suffering with acne for 2 years now, I am 30yo man from Vancouver Canada. I tried different medication and topical solution. I've been in OBAGI which I found good for Hyperpigmentation but my not good for pimples because my pimples became worse and most of all it became more inflamed. I used obagi for 13 weeks, my skin thyperpigmentation improved but my acne erupted more. So my dermatologist gave me Steivamycin to reduced the inflamed acne. The I went to Blu-u with levulan, damn my face became so red even my neck good thing is that after 2 weeks all the redness was gone. But my neck still kinda dark and I dont know why, maybe it will fade in time. Anyways, I found the acne lamp is very effective to me. I've been using it now for a week and I see good improvements. Majority of my pimples are now healed and I dont't have any breakouts now. Hopefully all my pimples will fade away after 2 weeks. The good thing here is that I don't need to go for a blu-u for 8 weeks (800 dollars canadian).

Here's my routine:


1. Loreal Pure Zone #1 Facial Cleanser for Oily Skin with salicylic acid

2. To cover-up some of my hyperpigmentation, I use Oxy5® Cover Up Formula covers up pimples while it treats them with BP 5.

Afternoon (around2 or 3 pm):

1. Oxy Daily cleaning pads deep cleaning (Salicylic acid 2.0%)


1. Loreal Pure Zone #1 Facial Cleanser for Oily Skin with salicylic acid

2. Dry it up (10 to 20 mins)

3. Acne Lamp ( 15 minutes )

4. Ponds Oil Free Moisturizer.

I hope I help you here. My skin now is very good and the most important thing here is that I don't have any breakouts now.

Thanks for the Blue Light!!!!


Eric from Vancouver Canada

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