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I suggest we form groups on this website or anywhere on the internet based on our similarities in lifestyle, acne, and physiology.

No one knows the exact causes of acne, or what the fix to these problems might be, but we can all agree that a 40 year old woman with acne probably has different causes than a 15 year old male.

I'm suggesting that Dan make an addition to this website where we can group ourselves together and share what works for us. This way, we can be more confident in trying new products and methods to get rid of acne because we have more similarities with other people who have tried them.

Instead of single groups, there should be an entire system of categorizing members of the website. Each person would fill out a survey, asking questions about age, gender, ethnicity, severity of acne, etc. When a member of the site in ANY similar category tries something and suggests it to others, you would receive a notification. The more similarities you share with a person, the higher priority a notification from them would be. The more complex the system, the more categorized and prioritized the notifications become, and the better you know what to try next.

Some additional ideas for the survey would be:

Sleep schedule


time spent in sunlight/outdoors

previous treatments and their effect

I highly doubt this will be implemented, but I do strongly believe that this would have substantial results for the community. If Dan cannot do this, hopefully the idea will get passed on until someone does.

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i agree with @texmurphy01good idea.. but while it would be customized in the sense that we're recieving information from others like us i'd think it'd be even better if we would still have the option to see other topics no matter if we are similar with the topic starter or not...

.. u get what im trying to say :think: .. lol

in other words idk if ur suggestion for this website means that we are no longer able to see other topics from other ppl (the non-similar ppl).. lol.. i hope u guys understand what im trying to say

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