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Red marks/hyper pigmentation/ and mild acne and i feel sad if it counts for anything

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My skin is white complected with a little bit of olive tones and redness. My left cheek and forehead are pale and clear, around my chin on the left side is darker and is scarred w acne, and there are bumps all around my chin area and a little on the other cheek. The right side of my face has red pigments that are left over from acne. I need to clear the acne and get rid of the bumps while also getting rid of all these red blotches and little red dots. I thought it was scarring, but it doesnt look like there are any dents.

Its ANNOYING, and nothing is working that great beacause it is noticeable even through makeup. I dont like not wearing makeup in public, its not helping my skin clear. My number one goal right now is to not have to wear makeup on my skin and for it to clear up and look healthy.

I wish the "secret" worked for me, because I think about it alot.

the WORST part is that my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me and said that my acne was one of the reasons. He has never had any acne, and thinks its gross. Im so glad that there is a forum like this where ppl really understand how hard it is. Blemishes really lower my quailty of life.

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