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Glycolic Acid vs. Retin-A

I am currently in my fifth month using Retin-A for my acne scars (red, brown, and lesions). I really haven't noticed any difference in the fading of the scars, although the texture of my skin has improved significantly. (Feels smoother and softer to the touch.) The Retin-A also hasn't been doing much for my acne, either. I still get one or two new pimples every week, and the cystic acne that I have on my neck just sit there, never moving onto to a head. I recently started using Mario Badescu's Strawberry Face Scrub, which has a low dose of glycolic acid. I use it three times a week in the morning (not at night, since I apply Retin-A to my face then). Every other day I put Badescu's Buffering Lotion on my acne (I make sure not to put the Retin-A over the parts of my face where I put the Retin-A to avoid irritation). Some of the cysts have finally moved to a head and are gradually healing.

Also, I have ordered Abra Therapeutics Detox Complexion Wash, which is glycolic acid based. My question is, do you think I should just use it in the morning only, and continue with the Retin-A at night? Or should I stop with the Retin-A, and use the Complexion Wash morning and night for a month or two to see if it helps prevent new acne and fade acne scars?

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