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Still dealing with perioral dermatitis...3+ years now :(

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So...I took accutane TWICE...cleared my skin up for some time. In 2008, I got perioral dermatitis around my mouth area...not normal pimples, more like bumps beneath the skin...kind of painful to touch. Now I have tried everything... (The second time for accutane was for the perioral dermatitis) It cleared it for the whole time I was on it and maybe up until 4 months ago. Now I'm on tetracycline (again)...(I was on it before but my skin was resistant to it.)

My derm told me to try it now.. I take one 500mg a day, but I am trying to reduce to one every other day. Now, the day I don't take it, it came back full force (perioral dermatitis) ..I am depressed, and I dont know what to do anymore. And I know tetra is just a temporary fix and it's only a matter of time until I become resistant again...

I really don't want to go on acctuane a THIRD time...I dont want to mess up my body and I'm scared about the infertility thing...but it came back the second time..so I am losing hope..I have tried every antibiotic on the block...nothing ever works...any suggestions?? :(

-Losing Hope

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Have you ever though about a low dose continual treatment, like taking 10 or 20 mg every day or every other day... It will definitely help to keep the dermatitis in check so that you don't have to suffer and lose hope...

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Have you tried diluted organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar? I started that a couple of days ago and it really helps dry it up and take the redness out.

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