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i have been attempting to clear my bacne and so far, its working. i get a couple breakouts here and there but my problem is using a benzoyl peroxide (10%) cream along with my 10% AHA lotion. The steps (on this site) say to use the BP cream first, allow to dry, and then use the AHA lotion. My BP cream (that i've purchased at target and is a target brand) dries and leaves a white residue (which i dont mind much since its on my back) so when i apply my AHA lotion, my BP cream starts to clump and flake off. i feel like the AHA lotion actually removed my BP cream. is this normal or am i doing something wrong? i would really like to know! thanks!

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How long are you waiting in between BP and AHA? I use danielkern's BP, and wait at least half an hour between BP and anything else I may put on my face. Also, how much BP are you using? Is it a lot (as much as Dan's regime requires?), or is it just a little? If you use a lot, than make sure you give it even more than half an hour to truly dry. Lastly, which AHA brand are you using? Dan's old AHA clumps up even at the slightest touch. But then he came out with a new, more viscous/liquidy, one and it rarely clumps anymore. Other than that, another suggestion is if you put on toner or anything of any sort before BP, make sure it's not a product that leaves some kind of "film" hanging around even after it's "dry".

Hope this helps!

P.S. Again, I've only used DanielKern's products, so what I'm saying may not apply. But it's worth a try.

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