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Best Treatment for Ice pick scars?

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so, I have read many manymany articles and views about how to treat ice pick scars.

I still have acne but mild acne and i really dont bother about getting a pimple or more on my face, what i care about is mostly about my ice pick scars and my red face.

What in the world is the bets method?

chemical peeling?

---fruit acid didnt really work for me

----what do you think about TCA? A new skin would come out, wouldnt that be the solution?


---this would be the best i heard, really..okay it is very expensive...but I have some 1000 mini icepcik scars on my face,1,500 $ would be okay,three months of working but i would have my old skin back!


---the most frightening ever!

This doctor really prefers punching, how in the world can somebody "cut" my face and believe that it heals perfectly afterwards????

this could be my face:


I have it everywhere!

my feelings right now:

shocked, depressed, disturbed, confused.


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Lasers arent gonna treat ice picks. Peels arent going to treat icepicks.

Research TCA Cross and scar/punch excision.

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Do you have ice pick scars or enlarged pores? That pic looks like enlarged pores. There isn't much you can do about that. You can try Differin, but the results may not be worth it. It will also take a few months to a year to see results, but is less invasive than other methods.

If they are truly ice pic scars and not enlarged pores, then I agree with yeah 3x. TCA cross or excision/punch float is your best option.

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Hey, the same doctor in the video you showed has a vid on how to help with enlarged pores!

I want to try this! I wish I could book an appointment with him, he sounds knowledgeable and knows what he's talking about!

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