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un-petroleum jelly & moisturizer

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For those that can't seem to find the right moisturizer, maybe this will help you:

At night, I use moisturizer + jojoba oil and then alba's un-petroleum jelly. I'm sure you can use any moisturizer, I personally use Body Shop's body butter. I know...it's not advertised as a face moisturizer, but I've been using it for several months with no problem. It's MUCH more moisturizing than others I've tried. Then I add about 3 drops of jojoba oil to enough moisturizer to cover the face (I actually have a premade batch of moisturizer + jojoba oil in a travel sized jar, which has saved me a lot of time and mess each night). After the BP dries, I put on this combo, and right before I go to sleep, I take a teensy, not even pea-sized amount of the jelly, rub it on my finger tips, and just tap it onto the areas of my face that gets flaky during the day. I haven't tried this with actual vaseline petroleum jelly, since I don't have that lying around. But the alba one is all natural, doesn't have petroleum in it (hence the name), and can be found in most health food stores I think. Luckily, it's only my jaw and around my mouth that gets flaky, so I use about a half-pea sized amount (if that makes sense). Don't try to rub it onto your skin though, since it doesn't spread very easily, and you can rub off the moisturizer or BP or whatever is underneath.

As far as results, I've been doing this for a week now. Before, my jaw, chin, and mouth corners would get super dry and flaky by about 1pm (from 8:30 AM), even on days when I didn't apply BP in the morning. Since I starter doing this, I would stay flake-free until I take off my makeup (at about 4pm). Tonight, I didn't clean my face at 4, and noticed I got flaky around 8pm. So this method helps me for about 12 hours-ish.

Hope this works for someone else! If you order the un-petroleum online, it's A LOT cheaper than in health food stores.

Edit: BTW, if anyone else uses body shop's butter, I like the Brazil nut one, it's in the "dry skin" category. Also, if you google the un-petroleum, you'll see that a lot of people tend to use it to "seal in moisture" on top of their moisturizer (whatever that means).

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