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Hi everyone,

I registered so I can tell what treatment worked for my mild but persistent acne. For background, I'm a 30 year old woman living in New York. My slightly oily-to-normal skin's prone to scarring, and red marks take long time to heal. I've medium skin tone, Mediterranean heritage.

I had mostly clear skin till I was in my early 20s. I started having small cystic breakouts that were extremely painful in college. My dermatologist at the time put me on Accutane, which solved the problem and a combination of Tazorac gel and TCP peels helped with scars and potential breakouts.

While it varied time to time, I've had mostly clear skin till very recently. Without wasting time, I found a doctor, a renowned Manhattan cosmetic and medical dermatologist. Seeing my breakouts were concentrated around my chin and lower cheeks, and combined with my complaints of hair loss (mostly heavy shedding), she put me on 50 mg daily Spiro and a topical retinol +BP called Epiduo. She also told me to use Cerave PM to moisturise (available at drug stores) and wash my face once or twice with a mild cleanser. She also recommended me a variety of vitamins and did a complete blood work including androgen level test. These more or less were within normal range.

A month later, on our follow up appointment, she and I were both pleased with the results. I've had no breakouts for more than three weeks and existing acne and red marks are healing at a rapid pace. In addition, within a week or so, my hair loss stopped. Even my doctor was surprised at the results as it does apparently take at least 3 weeks to see results. Granted, I switched shampoos, got a hair cut, and still had full hair to begin with. It was the shedding that concerned me. Note that Spiro's really supposed to be effective on women 30+ and in suspected cases of hormonal acne. Hair loss is a big indicator of that.

During my follow-up visit, my derm also did extractions (my insurance pays for it as it's not billed as a cosmetic procedure), which made my skin look brighter and less bumpy.

Here's a list of what's keeping me clear and my hair healthy and thick:


50 mg Spiro daily, divided in two doses

Nightly Epiduo, dime to nickel sized, and starting with only 2 or 3 weekly applications


5000 mg Biotin daily

1200 mg Fish Oil daily

30 mg Optizinc daily


Day Moisturiser: Proactiv Green Tea

Night Moisturiser: Cerave PM

Day Face Wash: Just water

Night Face Wash: Jan Marini Non-Glycolic Cleanser

Weekly Scrub: Proactiv cleanser (the one from the three step system)

Shampoo: Regenepure DR Scalp Treatment a few times a week, a non-sulfate shampoo on other days

Life Style:

Quit smoking

Follow mostly vegetarian diet

Very little soy products

Hope this helps...good luck everyone!

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