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Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

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I'm just trying this out with my derm on a "test patch" of my one shoulder to see how i respond to it -- looking to remove the redness from the acne scaring that i have on my back. Has anyone has this done before and if so what were your experiences with it??



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There are different kinds of IPL.

I was involved in an IPL trial at a place in harley street. They used three different types of light, one for red marks, one for photo-rejuvenation and one supposed to help with acne.

I didnt notice any improvent in any of these areas from the course of IPL treatment.

The lady also managed to singe my eye brow with it once, haha, it was worrying it could do this in the first place.

Let me know how you get on with IPL.

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I recently started to do IPL for red marks on my face. I had my second treatment last week. So far it's hard to tell if it is doing anything. I think there may have been *slight* improvement but it's so hard to say when you are constantly looking in the mirror. They told me I would probably need 5 treatments for major improvement but if I don't see any noticable improvment after the next session I am not going to keep doing them. It is too much money to spend if I'm not getting results.

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I actually had a postive experince with IPL, it helps a lot with broken blood vessels and capillaries and shrank some of my scars> but I had 6 treatments over a year and the results were defintely cumulative. for depressed scars i'd go with smoothbeam>i didn't do that but seems like it's stronger than IPL. but i had some burst vessels in a lot of scars that were cleared/improved by IPL. make sure you know what setting your derm has it on since my derm alternated I think she only targeted redness once or twice which is why I recently went back.

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