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Finacea - Just not working or too soon to call?

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Hi there,

I started Finacea almost 2 weeks ago. My skin seems to tolerate it well but I appear to be having a different experience from users who have posted favorable reviews and success stories. It is worthwhile to note that I have, for the most part, uninflamed acne and blackheads with the occasional "period pimple."

I read on the product that I am meant to use it twice a day, however I can not wear it in the daytime as my face becomes incredibly oily about an hour after application. I have read other users' reports that Finacea is mattifying and easy to wear during the day, so I was greatly disappointed. I am not using any moisturizer after application of the product.

I am also seeing what seems to be an increase in blackheads and just general not-great skin behaviour. I have busted out several large, hard pimples that I normally get around this time of my cycle. Most perplexingly, my face is just as red as it ever was.

For those of you that had success with the product, was there an initial period where things didn't look so hot? Is it worth staying with it?



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Hey, it took a while for my finacea to take effect but I am effectively clear now and my acne was pretty extensive before.

heres my log


lots of people have that early "greasey skin" reaction, it lessens as you go. I only use it once a day anyway so maybe use once a day then add another application if the on isn't giving you the results you're after. The only area I apply twice a day to is my jawline (womans curse)

it took from june till september before I saw significant clearing and until november for my skin to clear up to the current state so I'd say stick with it for now. If it works its so worth it.

I experienced the greasey skin and tingling but it took time for my skin to get used to the treatment.

Hope this helps xx

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Hi, thanks so much for your reply! In the end I stopped using the finacea. I was getting more and more hard, red pimples that I don't normally have. I'm delighted to hear it has worked for you.


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