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Oil is my cure to Acne

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Hey folks alright the cure Im talking about is Jojoba Oil. You may have just freaked out a little, oil on my face no way! Well let me tell you a little science lesson Oil dissolves Oil and this baby is a miracle. I agree this may not work for everyone, because veryones different but give it a try it worked for me. Jojoba oil contains many very beneficial things for the skin, oh and words up makes an awesome leave in conditioner too ;). It contains Antimicrobial properties that actually stop the growth of new acne bacteria, so thats a plus and also it has vitamin e and b12 as well. The oil can be used on all skin types and let me tell you it works. I have suffered from mild to moderate acne for nearly 10 year now, and found myself thinking when will this end. So I was rsearching online one day and I came across Jojoba oil, and believe me I was scepticale too. So I went to my Local Holland and Barrets, I know im a guy so buying girly oil was a little embrassing, but please if your a guy try this cause it chnaged my life. So I tried it, and for the first four days my skin was a little oily, but good oily, because the thing about Jojoba oil is that is very similiar to skins sebum and because the skin thinks it dosent need any oil, because of jojoba it "tricks" it into thinking, i dont need to make anymore sebum. I thought great this is making my skin even oiler, but I thought you know what ill keep with it, so I did and after a week my skin was practially acne free, just one or two cling ones that are staring to vanish. Two weeks later, my skin was balanced, no oil slick and acne free.

My routine for using this is as follows:

In the morning, I splash my face with lukewarm water a few times, then with cool, pat some of the mositure from my skin. Now heres the magic, drop 4-6 drops of the Jojaba oil into your palm stread it about all over your face, working it into the places your most oily hello T zone anyone. Then leave it for 10-15 mins to sink in. Go back later and pat off any access that ahsnt sank in.

At night I do the same, but use slighly more oil, like 8-10 drops and when i wake up in the morning my skin is so soft and supple and guess what still acne free.

And because sometimes its importtant to efoliate I use st ives apricot scrub twice a week and then guess what apply the oil.

Acne free for four months now.

While this is not a panacea cure all to acne its worth a try and believe me it really is worth it, if it dosent work for you then i apologise, but for some it may. Because what you need to remember is that when you sue harsh cleansers that say there gentle and not and your skin feels tight and dry its because uve just eradicated your skin natural lipid barrier, and now your skin will go hyper and make way more oil than it needs to to compensate. Jojoba oil is so nears ebum that like I say, your skin thinks its fine and dosent freak. Please.. Plese...try this. How it works on severe or cystic acne i dont know, but it worked for me. Its also very good for dry and split end hair. You can buy Jojoba oil online or at health food stores. I bought mine from holland and barrets. The price can range from £10-£20 pounds based on the purity and oraganic types avliable. However this is a real investment and a big bottle, lasts ages, i bought my first one four months ago and i still have half left, a little goes a long way remember folks, and aslo know its alright to add a little more at night cause it will sink in and also because none will see if ur a little oiler. Athough through the day stick to 4/6 drops and at night 8-10. Love this and I will advocate this forever. This is my acne cure. Hope it helps and for those that try it would love to kniow your feedback. Remember also that while it may not seem to work at first, stick with it. It takes time to work. Start it in the holidays or when your nto at work, so you give ur skin time to adjust. Good luck!

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Do you have naturally oily skin? I'm reluctant to apply just jojoba oil to my face.

I recently started using jojoba oil mixed into my moisturizer and I've been using it for almost a week. So far I haven't seen the greatest results. In fact I've broken out more. I read that in the first week or 2 your face will possibly break out because it's "purging" your skin. I hope after my first week I no longer see any new pimples forming but I told myself that I would continue doing this for at least 4 weeks. I may up my dosage of jojoba oil in the next couple weeks. I hope I can find the same type of success that others have using it.

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I use EVOO mixed with aloe vera at night. The olive oil helps with scars and the aloe helps with redness. Plus it makes my skin softer and more glowy.

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