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An Experiment (Long)

So i was sitting infront of the mirror looking my crappy face and i was wondering when did all this started,i went to the bedroom and relaxed..i wanted to know when and under what conditions my acne started.I knew it wasnt bad food,masturbation or genes cause my bro is fucking fat and i know why he locks himself in his room everynight (and he is clear)! :P.So i tried to remember,i know it all started with some blackheads on my nose..and then it hit me like a 2ton boulder,back then my mom told me i should shower everyday and wash my face,something i havent stopped doing since.That moment i thought of my bro who takes a shower twice a week or less,i was like wtf?.I puzzled a little bit more and came to the conclusion that we dont fight acne logically,and what i mean by that.Its a fact that sebum oil causes acne,and that oil is produced to keep the skin moist etc,humans are a highly adaptable species,and so if we dry up our skin every 5-6 hours or whatever our bodies will learn to respond faster,so producing huge amounts of oil in short time.

So i did a little experiment,i didnt shower or wash my face for 3days and 3nights.

While simultaneously eating huge amounts of sugars,fats and masturbating 3 times a day.At this point most of you will say that that was a BAAD move.By the end of day 2 my face was almost dripping oil..i had to resist washing it,i did brake out 3 times with about 5-6 whiteheads each time BUT by the end of day 3 they ALL healed,some were healing in 12hrs or so.All the red marks were fading etc.So fast forward to day 4 (today) I took a shower in the morning,i turned the shower head so the water would come down in 1 uniform stream (cause i believe all that high pressure and multiple streams dry your face).I washed my face with only water and without touching it.I still have oily face but its getting better and i intend to shower like this once every 2 days until my face gets to a point where it stops producing oil.I know this type of "cure" is radical but who would believed some decades ago that penicillin would actually be bacteria :).

My dogs skin gets crappy too if it takes more than a bath/week.You know what they say less is actually more.

Lol I'm sorry but it cracks me up that you gave yourself a set amount of times to masturbate. Very interesting take though, I agree with the body being highly adaptable, I think thats why ProActive freaks so many people's skin out. Have you thought of just washing with sea salt only?

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