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New Years is Approaching!

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So, what are your goals, ambitions, hopes and dreams for 2011 in regards to acne scars?

I chose mine early into 2010 - To not have to wear make up to try and cover my hideous looking scars. Thanks to 2 vbeams, 6 fraxel restores and 1 subcison, I can now say that I won't be using make up. This isn't some success story but all the treatments combined have signifcantly reduced the redness in my scars. They redness used to drive me insane and was one of the main reasons I used make up here and there for 2 years. The scars are still there and still moderately severe but, even with the slight improvement in texture (redness, i'm now suffering hyperpigmentation from the lasers though) I can stop using that shit on my face in 2011. It's a huge thing for me. I don't think ive felt as upset and worthless as when I started trialling make up and having many horror stories. Imagine, you go through almost all your life not thinking twice about make up or how it works or how to apply it and then you face the mirror with terrible acne scars and terrible redness. I waited for the redness to fade for a whole year but it only got worse so I tried make up. I have some nightmare stories about foundation and gosh it just really hurts me thinking about it all it affected me a great deal.

Enough of me though how about everyone else? I have other goals and ambitions for my scarring in 2011 but the one resolution was to stop using make up in 2011 and i hope and I pray that I don't have to and my scars improve but knowing my history, I have a tendency to flare up and get worse and worse but trying to remain positive.

Love you guys

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you guys suck a lot of p*nis

Don't know yet, but certainly not that. :naughty:

What was that about? :think:

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