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Well, I'll start out by saying I'm 24 now, and my acne has mostly gone away aside from some blackheads on my nose, but those don't hurt my feelins too much. I'm a guy, I get dirty, but I found that when I was using shit like ProActive and other acne medications my face would get much worse the next morning, and I figured out why. We're not supposed to be rubbing shit like "ACID" on our face, and that's what those contain, not battery acid, but still in the sense. and it made my face all oily and everything, just making my life worse. It all started I'd say... 8th grade? I had BAD acne, big ole fat acne, small acne, whiteheads galore, you name it, I probably stabbed it with a needle just to get the crud out, but now I've got scars from that, but I'm a guy so I don't really look at my face too often. But I found the BEST cure for acne is.. don't mess with it (i cant say much cause if I got a zit on my face I pop it quick and get the crap out, probably not the best way going about it, but I don't want that crap to stay in my face) don't even wash your face but once a day (over washing leads to breakouts) I'll splash water on it in the morning to wash the night away, I only wash it in the shower with a soft soap real fast. My face has gotten 110% better, these companies just want your money, they don't care about how fast you heal, they know it'll keep getting worse and you'll keep shelling out your cash for a quick cure. Well kids, eat your veggies, drink your water (I'd like to note I used to drink soda in my acne days, now I might have a soda once a week, i stopped drinking alcohol also, which I've felt better with). I do like the mask proactive has, the white mask, if you got a problem zit just a small dab over night will drastically drop it down. But I don't condone creams or anything, el naturale is the way to go, we're not supposed to be smearing stuff all over our faces. I eat fish too, because I love it, that could contribute (I'm a fisherman) I still get stray bumps from time to time, but I've got facial hair so it's expected with an ingrown hair every once in awhile. So just try it out, and if it gets better, I'm glad I could help. Trust me, I've had such bad acne I've contemplated suicide ALOT just because of my face acne alone, but now that i 'Stopped caring' about all those fancy creams and cures my life has became much better. I don't know but I hope this helps. Also having a nice faith in the good God above always seems to help a bit with any problems I've ever had. But having acne has humbled me greatly in all that I do. One must just approach life differently, when life hands you some lemons, trade them in for some watermelon and enjoy the day. :) God bless, take care, and have a Merry Christmas. Those companies don't know you personally, and they don't want to, they just want you to buy their garbage, I'm here, getting to know you personally because I care, and what I did helped me and I'd like it to help you too.

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