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So the dermatologist prescribed me Doryx...

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Hey, so it's my first posting here (and the first time reading these forums, really) and I just have a few concerns about Doryx:

So about 5 months ago, I started getting pimples on my right cheek; I've had acne since I was 10 (I'm 15 now), but I've never ever broken out there. I figured it would go away by the time school started, but it didn't :( Then I started breaking out on my forehead and other cheek!

I just started high school, but during my 8th grade year, my skin was virtually flawless; it's just really frustrating.

Anyway, to get to the point, I visited a dermatologist today, and he prescribed me 150mg Doryx along with some topical cream and facial wash. I was pretty excited about the whole regimen, but I didn't want to just blindly use some antibiotics without some reviews/research. So I read some reviews, and now I'm worried. Some people have said that it made their acne worse, while other people said it worked but broke out even more when they stopped using it. Also, my skin would become more susceptible to sunburns. I can't just use sunburn because I would just sweat it off during gym where I have to run at least 3 miles every other day. That takes me about 30 minutes each time, too.

Frankly, after looking at pictures of cystic and nodular acne, I don't think my acne's that bad anymore...so I don't really want to make it worse. Should I just stick with the topical cream and wash or give the Doryx a try?

Help please?

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Antibiotics like Doxy are more for mild acne I think..I had a good experience with it (kept me pretty clear for a few months). Only downside is that 'usually' they lose their effectiveness after x time. I'd definitely give it a go if I were you.

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