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Going in for subcision in 3 days

After having several fraxel restore treatments and a couple vbeam, I'm now going down the subcision and needling path.

For those who have followed my journey, you will know that fraxel was pretty much a disaster for me. More scarring, bad hyperpigmentation which ruined skin which was healthy before fraxel and very sensitive skin now.

I'm anxious about subcision because Ive read about the possible side effects. I'm hoping so hard that I atleast dont get any permenant side effects and that needling for months after this subcision treatment will lead to a decent improvement. The hyperpigmentation right now is killing me it seems to be getting more blotchy and darker in spots as time goes. Ive been using skin lightning serum for a while now.

Anyway, please, anyone who has had subcision, give me all the advice u have to offer. I'm not doing suction method because I havent educated myself enough on it and dont want it to lead to more complications because even though it sounds promising, I don't want to fool around with the treatment.

Wish me luck guys. I've been fighting acne and scars for years and hyperpigmentation for the past couple months.

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take vitamin C and zinc and other supplements, have subcision done on your scarring that bothers you, then after the healing process is complete be on a topical retinoid.

Go for another subcision downt he line if it helps you...which if you are going to a good doc it should help with any rolling scars and unevenness...

Not much to really prepare you... just ice yourself for day 1 and 2 on and off nothin too crazy... and be gentle and dont sleep on your face...etc.

Good luck

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getting it done at kogarah plastic surgery

good luck! I would be interested in hearing about the down time and if you get a chance to take pics, that would be great!

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