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Got rid of my acne at the age of 19, heres how

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I actually stopped my acne a few months ago but i havnt bothered to post it here untill now. I suffered from acne for about 7 years or so and its been constant pain and anguish. Their were times when i was very low and constantly depressed. Nothing was working, i saw a dermatologist for nearly 2 years and it did no help at all. When i started uni this year i found a cosmetic and laser clinic near my uni and setup an appointment for the sake of it.

I was set up with a Dermal Clinician named Monika.


For people who dont know what a dermal clinician is, its pretty much someone who knows their shit about skin. She told me that i was getting acne because it was too congested under my skin causing bacteria to flame up. She said some people are just born with an unhealthy skin base. She recommended i get skin peels, not ones that peel the skin but ones that medicate under the skin to clear the congestion. So every month or so she would apply stronger peels. Whilst doing this, she put me on basic doryx capsules (Doryx 50 mg to be exact, two a day but then 1 a day when my acne started to settle). I was also on a very effective regime of

1. Cleanser (Nuetrogena Foam cleanser)

2. Benzac AC (product with benzoyl peroxide, started of with 2.5% but moved to 5% for the sake of it)

3. Nuetrogena moisturizer (non cogdemic)

So three elements; skin peels, regime and doryx tables in the space of 3 - 4 months got rid of my acne. I was quote elated, but once my acne was gone i was still upset about my scars. Although the skin peels did help with the red scarring. Remember though, the skin peels were specialising in medicating under the skin, not actually peeling the skin which is what people generally get them for. I did get a bit of peeling but nothing major.

I had my first fraxel re store treatment yesterday, it went well. I dont have terrible scarring, just alot of redness and a few scars here and their. Your face is puffy and stuff after treatment, but i dont look as bad i thought i would. I think ill be fine for work on monday, atm my face is red i look like i have surburn or something but that is normal. Feels very dry too, and your skin starts to flake off after a few days. I have to apply ice packs as much as i can for the next week or two.

So yer, their you have it. If anyone has questions just ask, not sure if this will help people but im definently elated about getting rid of my acne in such a short space after i had suffered it and tried so many things during such a long time to get rid of it. I dont even get irritation when i shave anymore. The skin peels for me were the answer, really cleaned up my skin.

Ill be sure to update how fraxel is coming along and post some before and after pics!

Peace! <333

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Benzac doesn't work you could probably stop using it and save some money, it sounds like the peels are what are keeping you clear.

good post though.

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The doryx (Doxycycline) also played a huge role, I've gone from constant new acne on my face to just a red face in the past few weeks on it.

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