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Moisturizer issue- A proposal!

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Hello to everyone!

First of all, I would like to say how extremely grateful I am to Dan for founding the site and sharing his practice with all of us. The regimen has worked great for me and has given me my looks and life back! A BIG THANK YOU, Dan!

However, I have a problem, regarding the moisturizer. I have tried Dan's moisturizer and I think it hydrates the skin really well. Problem is, my skin breaks out really bad by all moisturizers, that either contain oil (even natural oils) or too many ingredients.

Thus, I would like to ask if it is possible to offer to users an oil-free moisturizer for those of us who can't tolerate oils ( 'cause I don't think I am the only one with such a problem) ?

Thank you very much for your understanding and feedback in advance!


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Jojoba oil isn't an oil but a wax ester. Try not to be afraid of it. :)

It's actually good for the skin.

If you are determined to use something oil-free, try here for suggestions.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

However, I have some counterarguments.

First of all, I am not afraid of Jojoba Oil, I have actually tried Dan's moisturizer when I first started the Regimen. I was breaking out really bad from the moisturizer, although at the time I thought it was the BP that was not working. I have also tried other moisturizers with Jojoba Oil and I break out the same.

Then, I agree with the ingredients I should avoid. Problem is, I have tried a lot of moisturizers and I break out from all of them, except one. However, given that Dan's products do contain the minimum ingredients and are hypoallergenic, I was willing to switch from my current moisturizer to Dan's version. The Jojoba Oil , however, is definitely a problem. Also because the postules that I get from it a really BIG and extremely painful.

If you can't implement such a change, I guess I should continue looking around for sth that works, possibly sth biological! (which is my new craze!).

Thank you all nonetheless for your sincerity!


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