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i started botchla's regimen a couple days ago, not really seeing good results.. but i have some red spots that seem permanent, they seem to slighty shade out very little at a time but is there anything i can put on that will get rid of them faster? you can check out my gallery pics i'll update them constantly untill im 100% clean its nice to read some comments and suggestions.

anyways in case your wondering heres what im doing:


1. wake up wash my face w/ warm water get out oil with irish bar soap (thats the soap name.. something like that)

2. clean and clear blackhead cleaning scrub wash for 20-30 sec (salilic acid)

3. clean and clear continuous control wash for 20-30 sec (2.5% bp)

4. proactiv oil-free moisturizer spf-15


wash face, get out the oil with the bar soap i use.

moisturize with the proactive moisturizer


same as morning but before moisturizing i put on the proactiv bp.. (im planning on ordering the bp gel soon)

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1.Wash my face with a Suave cleasner

2. Put on proactive lightening lotion (it helps get rid of marks)

3. Take my pills Zinc, Minocylin

Atfer noon

I just wash my face after school to get rid of oilyness i dont put on any thing else


1.I use suave cleanser

2.put lightening lotion

3. I wait a while till the lotion dry then i put on my Neosporin on face.

4. I get 1 gel pill of vitamin A pop it and put some of the liquid on my face.

5. i let that opsorbed into my skin then i go to sleep

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i dont think i could do that with my current regimen.. maybe after i get rid of most of my acne i can start that reigmen for removing red marks..

could you list the name of the products i can add on my shopping list next time i visit giant?

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