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Need a little help

Hi I am 19 and about a year ago I started getting mild to moderate acne, I only seem to get it on the sides of my mouth mostly the right side I have never had it on my cheeks but I sometimes get it on my forehead and as you can guess it's really annoying. About 7 months ago I got prescribed tetrasyl and retin a these worked for a while then stopped working, I went to my doctor (UK) and he said you need to take it for longer so I took it for about another 2 months but it's still not working. My spots clear up and then they just come back again everytime they clear I'm really happy and when they come back I just get really depressed about it all and it makes me really self concious because I'm a good looking guy and this is just ruining everything for me :confused:

So what should I do, Ive notcied alchol seems to trigger a breakout so Ive had to stop drinking. I will go and see my doctor again tommorow but what should I ask him for I dont really wanna try accutane but at this point I'm debating whether to buy it online because I'm getting annoyed by my spots that much.

Ive also tried Panoxyl 2.5 % and Duac gel, the retin a just burned my face and dried it out so much that my face got even produced more oil and the duac gel stopped working.


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Guest Playing_In_Traffic

I use a topical retinoid, as well, which only helps to a certain degree.

Diet seems to play the biggest role in my acne. My cheeks get hit the hardest, too. (also my jawline)

I have been keeping away from sugar and dairy products-ESPECIALLY sugar. A little from fruit is okay, but I'd recommend keeping away from all refined sugars for a while and see if it helps. It seems to be slowly helping me. I am also drinking a 50/50 lemon juice and water mix every morning to balance the alkalinity of my body.

Good luck.

Edit: I have also kept away from wheat gluten, though I am not so sure it affects me. I will slowly re-introduce it at some point after I am clear to see what happens! :)

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