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so confused and drained of everything

i dont know what to do anymore

ive been on the acne.org regiment for about 2 months, my acne has only gotten worse. on top of that my skin is so dry and flaky its rediculous. i look like a snowman. i am depressed all the time and have anxiety issues now. might be expelled from school cause i dont go because im embarressed about my skin.. and its not even that bad. acne has controlled me for 3 years and i dont know what to do anymore. i cant stop it from controlling me. its all thats on my mind.

i dont know weather to continue on the regiment or stop and dont do anything to my skin and see what happens fml

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Hi! I use clenzi-derm face wash it's a 3 step product. There is one for oily skin and one for dry, maybe you should google it! I had very bad acne and my skin is pretty much clear. It was recommend to me by my dermatologist. Hope this helps...... Good luck! :)

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Get over it (joke).

Maybe it will get better, I quit the regimen myself because no amount of moisturiser could make my skin stop flaking like a snow storm, but maybe if you persevere with the regimen your skin will start to improve soon. I opted for accutane myself, and like Dan's regimen for most people there's an initial breakout, a purging of the skin but afterwards it's smooth sailing.

Matt had really bad acne that only got worse while on accutane for 2 months but soon saw improvement


I've dipped into his log when I've felt drained and found it really optimistic, and afterwards I don't feel so drained.

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