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yo im soon going to be 16. i have very mild acne(had like 1 cyst in my whole life) but this summer i broke out for some reason on my left cheek and chin (probably wrong use of products). Ive been on the regimen for like 2-3 weeks and it got things under control. my breakout was no different then others (left some damn red marks). but ive been out in the sun a bit and instead of being red some of them turned purple (the sun probably made them darker). im also trying out the tape method. but enuff for the "setting" my question is what do you think of putting some sunscreen with a q-tip on my red marks and going out in the sun a lil? wouldnt that help them blend in? Id love to get rid of them (atleast temperaly) i do lots of sports and i cant really afford to put some concealer and sweating at the same time. just tell me if you have other suggestions.

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Your face will naturally turn red while exercising so why worry about it? At least mine always does. Just remember that if you burn your skin now you will have skin cancer or other problems later. You could try some tinted sunscreen though, or make your own so the color will be right. (That's probably what I would do, in fact that's a bloody good idea - I think I will lol.) Buy some dark makeup and mix some in a bottle with some 15 or more spf. Don't worry if that sounds goofy, oldguy knows best. bb_eusa_think.gif

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