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Flaking like crazy in month 5 now!

I'm starting month 5 on the regimen and things are going well. I just finished a period though, so I still had a few zits, but other than that things are going pretty good.

I'm still flaking like crazy though. It's like my skin is constantly shedding and anything that isn't flaking off is covering my face in a thick layer of dead skin.

I live in a dry climate and I have hard water, but do you think I could switch any of my products over to something that doesn't cause as many flakes?

I use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser morning and night, thinking of switching to Cerave Hydrating cleanser?

I rub about 8-9 drops of jojoba into my skin morning and night

2 pumps (with the old pump) of Dan's BP, wait 20 minutes

At night I use 2 pumps of Cetaphil Lotion, And during the day I use 1 pump (new pump) of new yellow DKR moisturizer, plus about a nickel-ish dollop of olay SPF15 lotion (bottled version)

But after my face itching all day and me having to rub it, dead skin just coming off in my hand, I have to slather on 2 more pumps of cetaphil in the early evening to re-hydrate. Which I find odd and inconvenient.

Could any of my moisturizers or my cleanser be exacerbating my flakes? Any suggestions for something better? Or do I have to moisturize 3 times a day?

P.S. Dan's AHA+ burned like hellfire the entire and only month I use it for exfoliating my face.

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hey, i've recently started a thread seeking opinions bout things that have gone wrong as my skin has started developing rashes (yes its gone thus far). i've rethink and relook at my daily routine and things that mightve gone wrong, after 1-2 days of monitoring, i think im almost 50% certain (not very convincing aint it >_<) it could be the new yellowish moisturizer. week 1 & 2 went well applying the moisturizer, i actually liked it a lot due to the calming effects. now im into week 4, guess the aftereffects has just begun for me?

do you still remember what was it like prior to using the new formula. bear in mind one of the symptoms that i noticed is extra extra EXTRA flakiness around my chin, and now my cheek & nose. previously with the old one, it'd be only mild-and sometimes serious flakiness around my chin, depending on the amount used, but never on my cheek and nose area. im currently applying an additional 2 times on top of my daily routine, morning and night just to make sure it doesnt flake.

note: my gauge of serious (extra x 3) flakiness would be like wearing a beard if the skin peeled off were black in colour O.O. ok that was a lil exaggerated but you get my point

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Hi, I can only speak from my own experiences but I found the new DKR moisturiser to be, frankly, useless (it pains me to say it because I'm very grateful to Dan for getting me mostly clear and I've used the Cleanser, BP, and old Moisturiser religiously since Summer 08). It left me with flakiness that I never even had in my first days and weeks on the regimen, even when using the now-recommended 3 pumps of it.

I'm now using the Cetaphil Lotion (morning and night) and it has dealt with the flakiness well so far. I'm still getting very dry after cleansing and when the BP has dried though, so I dab some jojoba oil on these areas before moisturising (something I never had to do before, but I'm hoping it's just because my skin is still recovering from what was essentially a fortnight of zero hydration. It's only been 5 days since I switched, anyway)

For all I know, you've already tried this and it left you too greasy or something, but I'd try using the Cetaphil Lotion in the morning as well. I've already noticed that too much of it makes me shiny throughout the day, even in currently-frozen London, so I use less during the day, and a really, really tiny amount in the areas where I use little or no BP.

I wouldn't have thought your Cetaphil cleanser would be causing the problem. Also, to give the DKR moisturiser a chance, I'd say you need to be using more than 1 pump of it, even with the Olay on top. I guess my situation is a bit simpler though, as SPF has never been a part of my regimen.

Good luck with it.

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Yeah I only use 1 pump because it's so expensive and I'm cheap =P and I liked the calming effects of it because I hate doing my regimen in the morning and being red for a while afterwards. I'd hate to not use it but I may stop for the next few days and see what happens.

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