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Thank you - after ten years a cure

Like most of you I developed acne in my teens, but expected that it would go once I reached adulthood; also like a lot of you I discovered it didn’t. As I reached my twenties the problem got worse - I’d tried every treatment I could – or every treatment the doctor gave me but nothing seemed to work.

I started using benzoyl peroxide around the time of my 27th birthday, but instead of washing the gel off I applied a lot and left it on over night like this website told me to do; after three days my skin cleared and the sore red spots had vanished. In their place however was extremely dry skin, but after experimenting I found a grease free moisturiser that works for my skin and the dryness cleared up.

For weeks after I kept waiting for my spots to reappear; I’d had clear spells in the past and so I wasn’t about to count any chickens – it has been nine months now of clear skin! I never thought this could happen to me and I am so happy!

The benzoyl peroxide essentially lets oxygen into your pours which kills the bacteria – such as simple solution to a problem I had for over ten years. Part of me is kicking myself for not finding it sooner, but mostly I am just glad I did.

The photos below were taken a couple of months apart with my niece and nephew – like most of you I avoid cameras so don’t have too many pictures.

I’d like to thank everyone for their help and advice – acne.org you are the best!





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