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Dry Skin and Acne

Hey everyone,

I'm kinda new to this website, but have been lurking here every now and then. I have this really weird skin condition that I cannot seem to know how to fix! :(

When I was in high school, I was on the Accutane therapy (I can't even remember how long I was on it for). It cured up a lot of my acne, but had left me with dry cheeks even until now. I consider myself to have an oily T-zone, but I have no acne on my T-zone. Instead, I have terrible acne on my dry cheeks! Could this be because my cheeks are not oily enough and is too dry? I have no idea what's going on.

I went to see my doctor not too long ago and he prescribed me Clindoxyl. It's actually cured some of the more aggressive (cystic?) pimples on my face but has left me feeling very dry. Could Clindoxyl worsen my problems?

Does anyone here have a similar problem?? What do you do???

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While Accutane can permanently damage the oil glands, your cheeks typically don't produce a ton of oil or sweat. Which is actually part of the reason they make such a terrible place to get cystic acne; the scars take forever to heal. You could try the oil-cleansing method, which is basically cleansing your skin with castor oil, if you think that would help you keep from staying dry. I don't think Clindoxyl would do anything like Accutane would; drying the skin out might actually make you produce more oil.

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