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- Purchased Maxclairty at the 19.95+shipping advertised price

- received product on auto ship program with money back guarentee

- received product in great shipping time, correct shipping costs and worked as well as any new cleaner would

- major con: bleaches anything it touches - so kiss all your washclothes and towels goodbye

- major con: product 1 & 2 run out way before product 3 & 4

- second shipment billed to credit card at 21.?? (same as prior)

- received shipment two and half weeks late due to lost shipment

- received shipment and have an over abundance of product 3 & 4

- no changes in Acne

- called to cancel any upcoming shipments on month 3, couple of days prior to shipout date

- was told by rep that they would hold future shipments for 1 month to allow me (my daughter) to finish month 2's product to see if she would change her mind and even credit me back 10.00 for doing so...will see refund in 1 to 4 days

- Whoo hoo - get to keep remaining product and still get 10.00 back for something paid for a month ago, who would say no...ill just cancel before the end of january and get 10.00

**forgot to note guarentee of product return is only for the 1st shipment

- woke up day after speaking to the rep, check account for refund.....I have now been charged an additional 39.??!!!!

- WHAT, they must have gone ahead and shipped the "held" product

- call back to Maxclairity and find out NO they did not ship the "held" product, they were charging me AGAIN for month two's product

- HOW can this be, I have already paid for month twos product!!!!

- they inform me that they split pay shipment invoices after the first shipment and this was "a payment plan" - the total price for month two was $60.??.

- me being as anal as I am pulled up their terms and conditions to their contract while on phone (because rep swore it was told to me at time of purchase) and NO IT IS NOT!

- he then speaks to his manager who says "well if you go in like your going to make a purchase and put in your credit card information and hit submit, you will see it"

- do I seriously sound like an idiot?? I dont think so!

- told them to re-read THEIR terms and conditions with me and at any point to please stop me when I get to the point where it aurthorizes them to double charge my credit card, or to charge me three times the product listed price

- manager aurthorized credit back to my account and cancelled my membership - only after threating a law suit which would be federal due to use of credit card!!



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