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"Art" about acne


I recently started to play guitar, and along with that I also started to write some music. The lyrics I've written is very honest and almost entirely based on emotions, but there's this one thing that I won't write about, which is also the source to most of my mental struggles; acne. Who would want to listen to someone rant about acne anyhow (except for most people who visits this forum section :P), and who would even want to tell people about this disgusting problem, when all you want to do is bury yourself in your bed and "feel dead for a week and sleep like [you're] already gone."

Anyhow, I actually heard a song which probably is about acne, and it's also written by my biggest role model and musician Chris Conley, the singer/songwriter of Saves the day. The song is very old though, from 1998, and is pretty amateurish (the begging of his music career, I think he was like eighteen then), but it's still something. It's this kind of song that only hardcore fans get their hands on, but if you want to hear it I could upload it somewhere, because I don't think there's any copyright issues with it. Here's the lyrics anyhow:

Don’t stare at me now

It’s worse than death to be looked at

I’m riding this out at home,

Where there is nothing but walls

Hey mom could you run down to the store?

Stock up on soy milk and I need a few good books

But nothing interesting, I’d like to feel dead for a week

And sleep like I’m already gone

Walk around the house,

Tearing all the mirrors down

While I’m at it, I’ll smash the windows, too

Then retreat to my room,

Throw my sheets around me

Blanket for the sky,

My oh my, what a mess am I

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Interesting post, hey! It's unfortunate that I don't have any art-about-acne to contribute.

Though the first thing I thought of was: a few months ago when my acne scars were really, really bad (you commented on my post btw. Still bad now but much better, thanks for your comment!), my little brother had to draw this family portrait for his art lesson in school.

And guess what? He dotted my entire face with his brown crayon!! O_O

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh

cant rly call it art or anything but few days ago i made this lame scribble (i also blame acne for killing all the inspiration to do anykind of art ever as well as robbing of my time that i couldve spent practising n be better by now

-__-) about well yea acne n uglyness n how u wanna just hide your freakin face from everyone n just hiiide, im sure many of u can relate ofc. (n yep i cant draw hands .__.)


why the fuk img code never works in this site? l:/

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I am taffy stuck and tongue tied

Stutter-shook and uptight

Pull me out from inside

I am ready

I am ready

I am ready

I am fine

Colorblind- Counting crows. Good song.

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OMG i lovvveee Saves the Day. Here's another one i always thought was about acne in Take Our Cars Now..

"Maybe you'll never remember

me. Maybe my face will lose these scars, 'cause

sometimes they keep me home at night where I duck

under the covers and wince when I see the light."

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