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So it's me again.. and again I'm not going to school, only day I've been in is Wednesday this week. ergh :/ so today there was a BIG argument with my Mum.. I usually have no problem covering up my spots, but since I'm using some new products it's really dried my skin.. and it's awfully sensitive, so I couldn't leave without wearing concealer and I'd tried everything to make it look alright, and it just wouldn't. So I had my impatient brother pushing me around because I was going to make him late.. and my Mum yelling at me, so I just bursted into tears.. my brother left for school and I just yelled to my Mum "You know what I'm gonna do.." and she replied 'what's that?!' *Moderator edit* this really was a cry for help, and she just hugged me and I let it all out. I've not got an appointment with my doctor later and it's going to be so difficult being honest with him, mainly cause I can't really understand him.. but because the amount I obsess over my face is unbelievable, *Moderator edit*.

I really hope the doctor helps me.. because like everyone else, he always tells me there's nothing wrong with my face. and I guess that's true.. but I just can't believe it. I feel really awful cause this is having a huge strain on my Mum's and I's relationship.. it's horrible. I think I have some form of mental health problems.. my Mum does too, I just hope something comes through for me.. cause my face is driving me far too over the edge.. and it shouldn't

and just for a big bit of hope.. will my skin get used to the products and generate new skin and stop being dry? or? ;/ I'm in such a muddle.. I'm using a clean & clear face wash, and anne rench cleansing milk.

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