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help me find the root of the problem please

I've had acne for a few years.

Recently, I've started having really bad acne. Such as usually 30 or so moderatly inflamed pimples active on my face at one time.

I noticed that when I don't eat, and just drink water ( I always drink water anyways ), for a few days on end, my skin gets MUCH better.

When I start eating again, I break out moderatly. If I eat bread, I break out a lot. If I eat a small tub of ice cream, then I wake up a walking pimple.

Another thing I noticed is, if I eat raw eggs, my skin just completely starts healing almost the next day, and after a week of eating ( or drinking, whatever ) two raw eggs per day, I usually stop getting new pimples ( for a bit ) and my skin starts healing once more.

I take cold showers in the morning, every morning, and use absolutely no products on my face.

Ok, having stated these facts, can someone help me arrive at some conclusion? such as, why would raw eggs help my skin?


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I would attempt to change your diet based on what your body is telling you. Going on a water-only diet isn't practical long-term, of course, but you could easily try cutting out the products that seem to break you out. Avoid the dairy (and possibly sugar) that comes with ice cream. Try to limit your bread/grains consumption, or consider going gluten-free for a time to see if that works. I haven't heard of raw eggs helping skin before, but if it works for you, why not keep doing it?

Basically, listen to the 'advice' that your body is already giving you, and if you have the willpower to make it work, change accordingly. Good luck.

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