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Confused about the "hierarchy" of the boards

Just out of curiosity, what do all the membership types actually mean (new member, regular member, veteran member, etc.). I know it has to do with the amount of posts you have made and time you have been a member, but I don't understand why it matters. Also, who are the board moderators, how does one become a moderator, and why would somebody want to do that? I am under the impression that they don't get paid. This is something I have never quite understood in regards to online communities. Anyway, I'm just curious.

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This thread says the made the restriction because the lounge forum was being spammed. Veteran members get access to the lounge.


Not sure what regular member means or how it is different from new member.

Brandy, Wynne, C'est la vinge are some moderators I've seen around the boards. I'm not if they get paid or not.

Hope that helped some! :D Have fun on the org :)

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New member means you don't have a lot of posts/slim to none - doesn't really matter how long you've been on the site. Regular members are those who post but who haven't posted enough to be a Veteran member, i.e get access to the Lounge. (Off-topic area)

The board moderators are listed here. People are nominated and voted on by the current moderators. Dan is the one who finalizes the decision.

According to the mods, one qualifies as a mod when:

-You are responsible and can handle the job

-You are fair of going about things, don't pick fights, etc





-Have to keep the same avatar for a long time (jk, but that's a very common thing, I think it's a conspiracy)

-Not asking how to be a mod (lol jk... maybe)

I'm not sure why people would want to do it because I never would want to, but idk. It's like a job really. You're helping the site, helping Dan, and being a big help to everything in general... it makes you important I guess. There are some perks but no, mods don't get paid haha.

That is all. :cool2:

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Thanks! I guess I'm just confused as to why someone would want to work and not get paid, but then again I'm not sure what the "perks" are. I can see volunteering for a good cause, but come on, it's not exactly feeding the homeless! I really don't mean to offend anyone; it's just very confusing to me. Ahh well, who knows. :)

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