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Acne Face

My acne is ruining my life

I hve had acne for the past 3 years. Its a big part of my life now.Because of it i cant make friends, i ignore mirrors, i dont buy cute clothes , i always have my hair in a ponytail but i think i look ugly when my hair is down because of acne. Its like everything i want to do is decided by my acne. If i want to go shopping NO because i think people will look at me and my acne and think "Ew look at that hideous girl!". People call my ugly ...i think. And my noticeable moutstache is helping me. Im a girl yet i dont act like one. I think that the whole world is against me. I have this round head and big nose UGH!!. N even thought im asian and i know alot of chinese people have acne but im from different culture yet no one from my culture have acne and i know they talk about me when they see me. I feel like kiling my self.Its like everyone has a nice place except me. =( And my family situation is putting a lot of stress on me.

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I think everybody here can relate to how you are feeling! like myself.. some of us are just really unfortunate to have to battle acne alone! wouldn't it be amazing if they opened a school just for people with acne? so we could all learn and not give a f**k what others thought because we'd all be in the same boat. Honestly, there's really no amazing advice to give you.. accept I really think you should buy cute clothes, try your best with makeup (just buy some skin friendly ones) and go out looking the best you can, if you give up on wearing nice clothes, stylizing your hair, etc. Of course people will say things, cause that's what society is like nowadays, people always go for other peoples imperfections cause they're too insecure about they're own! always remember that. But if you give your best effort.. then you'll feel a lot better. Sure you may hate your face at the moment.. but don't let it rule your life.. dress your best, and most importantly.. look your best! and smile.. you'll feel much more confident as opposed to going out with no effort at all.

Acne is horrible, and people are horrible.. and as hard as it is, all you can do is ignore the ones who insult you.. just remember the chances of you dealing with acne now, will hugely change the impact of you getting it later on in life! and if they do.. well ha ha for them, it's our turn to insult ;)

much love and take care :)

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