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cant stop picking at face

hey wuts up guys?

so i bin gettin big purply spots on my jawline nd under my chin for about 6-7 months now nd da problem is i cnt stop picking,

i have to shave every couple of days so my face is always rd nd itchy i get dis little spots to begin wid but den i always touch dem thrugh tha day or lean on my hnd or wutever den tehy suddently explode nd thy get really big, their really sore 2 touch nd i cnt get rid of dem i got sum benzol peroxide (10%) from a chemist but it just makes my skin rally flaky nd doesnt help wut cn i do about dem?


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Guest beccaboo00

take some hot water and dip a washcloth in it and hold it against them. this sometimes it brings them out or sometimes just shrinks them.

you can also ice them but in my opinion you should just leave them alone they take a while to go away but by touching them they stay longer because youre spreading the infection inside and you could scar.

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i hear that u cn get something called a kortizone from a doc and its sposed to help bt every time i ask my gp he jus gives me shitty antibiotix, dere must be somthing that cn help wiv cysts, im tryin my best to not pick bt its a bad habit that i cant seem to stop.

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