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Dianette and me

Hi all,

Ok, thought I'd give this log thing a go. Not sure why really, possibly as I am now in the midst of a huge break out my social life has gone down the pan and I'll need something to fill my time ;). Anyway, may be something interesting to read back when I am clear again! :dance: Have started doing some pics as well so may upload them if I am brave enough!

Little bit of background:

Long term sufferer since I was about 11, gosh that's a long time; I'm now 25! So well past any hope of 'growing' out of it. I'm slowly becoming more excepting of it as its obviously a part of me I have to live with, but its still pretty tough.

I tried a lot of topicals and antibiotics when I was young. Gosh thinking of those antibiotics now still make me feel ill, the tablets were too big for me to swallow comfortably daily so I switched to a liquid in banana flavour........ hmmmmmmm YUCK! They did absoloutly nothing so my doctor suggested Dianette. Can't remember how old I was, but have been on and off with them for a good 7 years or so? The problem I have is as soon as I clear up I forget what it's like to have this problem so I stop taking it, DOH! :doh: I know you have to come off at some point, but the longer I can drag it out the better.

So here we go again:

Have just finished my second pack and it's pretty bad :(...... I'm actually looking at the pic of when I first started and thinking DAMMMM why did you do it, it was soo much better then, but saying that I started taking them again for a reason and I've been here before - I knew what would happen. Doesn't make it any easier to deal with though. I always seem to break out with acne that is 10 times more severe when I first start again with Diane. Like just huge hard things that are painful - The only thing that keeps me going is knowing this is temporary. Starting to feel very down at the mo as well, not quite sure if it's from the pills or from how I feel about my face? Probably a bit of both I guess. I'm hoping the IB has peaked and it won't get any worse, but i doubt it.

1-4 WEEKS: Skin started to get very dry, had dry patches on the corners of my mouth and behind my ears strangely. Noticed a few more small spots, nothing serious.

4-8 WEEKS: Skin is no longer as dry as it was, have managed to get rid of the dry patches with a strong cream. Breakouts have increased noticeably, spots have increased in numbers and size! Getting a lot of the hard cyst type ones too :( They seem to be coming up just around my jaw. Struggling to resist picking, I know it's not helping. I know its getting bad when i start obsessing with looking in the mirror every 10 mins and dig things out from the cupboard like TCP! Ok bad move, I put a little on, but think it just made things worse so won't be doing that again.

Thats all from me for now, feels good to vent a little. Will update soon :wavey:

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