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Acne Sufferer Who NEEDS Advice

So about two months ago my mild acne (occasional pimple) started turning into severe acne (See links for pictures.)




I'm not quite sure what type of acne I have. I don't have any cysts (I think) but there are several red marks, which I don't believe are scars. Could you help me identify what kind of acne I have?

Well at the beginning phase of my acne becoming severe, I went to see a dermatologist. I did one session of a blue light treatment. The following days after this treatment my skin started breaking out really bad and I read online that it really is just a blue light on your face. So I didn't return and went to another dermatologist. Here, they recommended having 6 sessions of the SmoothBeam treatment. I have been doing a treatment every two weeks and am currently on treatment 4. Returning for treatment 5 tomorrow (Monday November 15th) They told me to expect flare up as the treatment will "bring all the pimples building up under your skin, out." My skin is much worse than when I first started the treatment, with little signs of recovery.

Based off of the pictures, what would you recommend I do to CLEAR my skin? I feel as if taking vitamins, washing my face twice, using Retin A, and using moisturizers twice daily (this is my daily routine) is just irritating my skin and causing it to break out. Because before I NEVER used to break out like this. My skin feels so dry (SmoothBeam helps slow down the production of sebum in the skin.) It feels very tense even when I just smile.

I'm considering dropping the SmoothBeam treatments, stopping all the washing of my face, and to stop using all the products (Retin A, moisturizers, and masque's) in order to let my body heal the acne naturally. What are your thoughts on this? Bad idea? Or good idea? I just want my skin clear and the SmoothBeam treatments/my daily routine seems to just be making it worse. My acne wasn't nearly as severe as it now than it was when I first went to the dermatologist. I feel like acne products are like insurance companys. Where they tell you what you want too hear but they're really just lying and looking for your money. In other words, I feel like acne products irritate the skin, causing acne, which gives the company a solid costumer for as long as the customer is fighting acne.

So do you think it will be a good idea to drop everything? Or what should I do? My skin was clear not to long ago and I need it back. What do you recommend I do? I really need help :(

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I am going to move this thread to the mild/moderate acne section. I think you'll get more replies there.

Its possible that you are getting a flare up from the treatments - I don't know a lot about Smoothbeam, but I do think that people can get initial flare ups before they see improvement. Check out the section of the messageboard on laser and light treatments. That might give you more info on what other people have experienced with these treatments.

How long have you been on the Retin-A? Retin-a often gives people initial flare ups of their acne - partly because it brings more developing acne to the surface all at once. It can also cause flares due to initial irritation that people sometimes get with the product. It also may be part of what is making your skin feel dry. Does your skin feel irritated?

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You sure there not stretch marks? I mean because they cant be on your face but if they are like white or purple/red lines on your arms back legs could be stretch marks and they wont go away all they do is turn white and you can take stuff so ppl dont notice them.

Usaully get them if you increase in weight or decrease in alot of weight =) why pregnant women get them lol.

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