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Hello everyone, i am new here & want to thank you all for your stories, i like yourselfs suffer from acne. I am 26/F who has suffered from acne since i was about 14/15 tried EVERYTHING (wont bore you) Here i am now on day two of Claravis. I have noticed ive had a headache since i took my first pill yesterday and i am also nauseated (nausea) I am guessing this is normal?

I am 5'2/ 115lbs starting on 20mg once a day, my derm told me she wanted to start me low so my side effects weren't crazy. (she knew i was scared)

Anyway, my big question is alcohol, i am not a big drinker but i do like a few glasses of wine @ dinner or a margarita with my mexican food. Should i stay clear of this?

If you have any advice or tips i would truly appreciate it.


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I got headaches when I started taking Accutane..which wasn't that long ago. I'm on day 18 and they're gone now. Someone suggested that I try eyedrops and so I went out and bought them and the headaches were gone right after. I haven't used them in like a week though and haven't had any headaches. Maybe they'll go away on their own? Try eyedrops :D Good luck!

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Hi there,

Good luck with starting your course! I just wanted to mention that since starting accutane 16 days ago my mild headaches are just starting to subside. I am quite sensitive to new medications and my dermatologist did mention that I may have a headache the first few days I took it - so I think it's normal.

As for the drinking, I'm on a 20mg dose and my doctor told me that it was okay to have a glass of wine here and there, but don't binge or drink every night. This was one of my major concerns with starting accutane as I have a lot of social functions coming up and don't mind the odd glass of something.

Good luck!

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