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Inflammation- I don't get it

My question- is inflammation a bad thing?

We can get a lot of anti-inflammatory products, not only for acne, but for headache, wounds, sore throat etc. I know, that as far as autoimmune diseasses are concerned, the inflammation is "bad".

But when we talk about acne, sore throat etc. the inflammation process destroys bacteria and heal us, innit? Without inflammation bacteria can better proliferate and grow. And when there are a lot of proliferated bacteria, the inflammation process must react anyway, but in this circumstances there are much more bacteria to handle with and the problem is bigger.

So anti-inflammatory drugs, creams, diet are bad think, unless you take some antybiotics which destoy bacteria without inflammation, innit???

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Inflammation is the body's natural response to infection. It's an ancient process that many types of organisms, not just humans, utilize. As such, inflammation is a good sign, because it's evidence that your body is fighting an invader -- in our case, acne-causing bacteria.

However, it is worth nothing that many of the post-acne redmarks are a result of inflammation, since the redness associated with the inflammation process may take a long time to fully die down. So I wouldn't try to trigger inflammation, per se -- but I don't think it's something to try to fear or suppress in the long term.

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