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hey all

so ive had this mark on my face for several months now, and it wont budge. the thing is that i dont know if it is a macule or a deep pimple though, because when i rub my finger against it i can kind of feel it underneath my skin, and all of my other red marks dont have that proble.

i need to know how to treat this thing

can someone please help? its bothering me so much

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I have one of these too, such a bitch on my face. It's probably been there for around 6 months and hadn't budged, until I finally got the courage to try to extract it. After like 10 minutes "preparing" (hot water, toothpaste, etc), I got a little lancet and barely pierced it right down the middle. I kinda squeezed it a little bit (bad, I know), but luckily something actually came out - like some built up oil or shit. I then put a little hydrogen peroxide on it to clear it out while it was still partially open, which seemed to do the trick pretty well as its now reduced in size/intensity. Idk if I'd recommend doing this, as many many many people saying trying to pop a pimple without a head is an awful idea, as it only increases irritation, but it worked pretty well for me. I guess you should be fine as long as you are very gentle; if nothing is coming out after a gentle squeeze then leave it alone.

PS: Nothing ever worked for me when I had this under-the-skin whoknowswhat, even BP 10% every night. Sorry I can't really offer a more skin-friendly alternative :(

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