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Hi everyone, I prolly need some advice from you.

Im 23 and had previously been on 3 courses of accutane. My acne came back after 4 to 5 mths after each course, thats the reason I had been on 3 courses.

This time round, I didn't wan to go back on accutane and thought perhaps a good regimen would help to save my poor liver.

I washed my face 2 times a day (if exercises in between then 3 times) with a daily face wash containing 3% glycolic n 1% salicylic acid. At night, I apply a 4% salicylic to treat spots.

Twice or thrice a week during at night, I would wash my face with a 10% glycolic n 2% salicylic facial cleanser.

I don't take a multivitamin and I exercise (running and gym) twice a week. I take fruits daily and each day I'm drinking about 1 to 1.5 litres of water.

I have oily skin. Do you think I'm on the way to 80% clear skin? I don't hope for more, just hope to have 90% will do because I've lost confidence in myself to attain 99% clear skin anymore.

What's more can I do to save myself? I'm 23yrs old, and this age I shouldn't be having acne. Is my oily skin caused by hormones/stress or something else? I'm really at my wits end alrdy.

Pls pardon me for my weak language.

Thanks guys.

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Salicylic acid thins your skin and Accutane also thins your skin significantly. Thin skin makes people more sensitive to sunlight and flush much more easily.

I recommend stop using AHA/BHA cleanser, switch to something like Cetaphil.

I never had a good experience with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide has always been the best option to stop pimples for me. BP always stops all my pimples within a week. I know because I stopped BP for a while and it went explosion on me on my chin.

You already are using AHA/BHA moisturizer, why stress your skin further more with AHA/BHA cleanser.

Stop all the salicylic acid spot treatments and switch to BP spot treatmernt.

Night time, try using Neostrata's AHA 8% ( Or any brand with AHA ) after washing. Do not apply BP on top of AHA or under AHA.

Day time, apply large amount of BP on area with pimples, then wear sunscreen.

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Yup!! Use BP no doubt...I have tried A LOT of things over the years for my acne (I'm 23 also) and Dan's Regimen is the ONLY thing that has ever worked!

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