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How often do ya'll stamp/roll?

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I've been reading conflicting arguements over the past couple weeks in regards to how many times you should derma stamp/roll and the pressure you place on the device.

I'm moving to Sydney soon and will be getting a few consults underway pretty much immediately after my move. Depending on what the docs say, I may go down the subcision route and then do a couple months of stamping/rolling then might try a filler and see how it looks.

I posted a few youtube vids of whitelotus' advice when it comes to stamping and rolling and what they say seems to go against the majority view. They advise to stamp a few times a week and roll on the other few times a week. Stamping with the 1.0mm and rolling with 0.5mm. Now, Ive read many saying they treat their skin every 6 weeks and quite harshly in that they bleed and are red for up to a week. White Lotus are against this kind of treatment and say, to treat scarring, you only need to stamp and roll lightly but consistently. They claim that over several years, theyve treated a variety of scars through this way and I have read other official websites that advocate for 3-5 rolling sessions per week.

I think i'd want to stamp once a week with a 1.0mm and roll once a week with a 1.5mm and just cause pink/reddish skin without any bleeding.

I've read dozens of previous threads and seems like only a few rollers were pretty experienced and they advised rolling to bleed and only every 6 weeks.

Anyway, i'm hoping now we have some more experienced users that are active members. Advice please?

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I rolled with a 1.5mm about a 2 weeks ago and i'm not gonna roll again until the Christmas holiday. Actually i'll be stamping, not rolling. I don't feel like I have enough control with a roller.

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I stamped with a 1.5mm dermastamp for the first time four weeks ago. I experienced minimal amount of bleeding and my face got very red. But redness lasted only about four hours so I thought I didn't stamp hard enough. I did my second stamp session only a week after the first one. This time I pressed with more pressure and longer, and I experienced more bleeding. This time I was sure I did it right but redness was gone next morning. I guess I'm a fast healer. I did my third stamp session a week ago and going to do my fourth one in a week. You think it's good since I'm a fast healer?

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IMO this lotus place, has the right idea.

My derm encouraged me to roll daily and even though profesional treatments are spaced apart, its not really neccasary.

Plus, I am NOT risking a red raw skin after a severe roll, thats prone to infection.

Keep researching, and at the end of the day- ou will reach your own conclusions. :)


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